The problem

Hydrogen sulfide is formed by bacterial conversion of sulfur-containing compounds in waste water. This highly toxic and malodorous gas escapes from the waste water especially at pumping stations and transitions of pressure lines in open channels causing bas odor or health hazards as well as so-called biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion. In the presence of atmospheric oxygen hydrogen sulfide is oxidized chemically/biologically to elemental sulfur at the sewer walls and then metabolized by microorganisms to sulfate or sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid leads to corrosion of concrete structures and metal installations, e. g. in waste water pumping stations. High remediation costs, often after only a few years of operation, are the consequence.

The solution

By specific dosage of reactants of the GoSil®-series hydrogen sulfide contained in waste water is chemically bound. Thereby an out-gassing leading to odor and corrosion problems is reliably prevented.

The GoSil®- method