Treatment of rain water runoff

with special adsorbent FerroSorp® RW / RWR

Rain water run-off from roads and paved areas may, depending on the occupancy of the area, be heavily loaded with pollutants. Thus rain water run-off contains beside alkali and alkaline earth ions also nutrients (phosphate, ammonium), heave metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel and zinc or organic compounds such as petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, surfactants, and dioxins and furans.
Conventional rain water treatment plants mainly deposit suspended particles. The above mentioned substances are mostly found in water soluble form and are therefore separated to a comparatively small extent representing a threat to surface and ground water.
The specifically for rain water run-off developed adsorbent “FerroSorp® RWR” now provides an efficient and inexpensive way to further remove pollutants. An application is possible in existing and newly constructed rain water treatment plants and rain water infiltration systems.