Company profile

The PUS GmbH (Production and Environmental Services Ltd) was founded in 1998. The company is located in Lauta, northern Saxony.

Through its associates P.U.S. GmbH is integrated in a network of medium-sized companies, operating in the fields of environmental engineering and technology (Water body restoration, gas and water purification, and environmental remediation), analytics, development and distribution of product for the environment, recycling and building materials.

The business field of P.U.S. GmbH involves the manufacturing of products for gas purification, water purification and water remediation which have been developed within the company group.

The main raw material is iron-containing sludge from potable water preparation plants. In cooperation with distribution partner HeGo Biotec GmbH the facility has been developed into a center of excellence for its commercial use.

Besides using iron-containing sludge from various potable water preparation plants P.U.S. GmbH operates their own raw material manufacturing plant.
In 2008 app. 12,000 t raw materials with an average dry matter content of 25% were processed. The dry product volume amounted to about 4,000 t.
The production site Lauta compromises multiple plants approved by BImSchG (Federal Emission control law) to use by-products of water treatment plants and to manufacture chemical products.

Technical Equipment

Drying Plant


Development projects

FerroSorp S

In cooperation with the West Saxon University of Zwickau and the Dresden University of Technology P.U.S. GmbH is continually working on research projects to further improve existing materials and develop new products.