HeGo Biotec GmbH at a glance

Founded in 1990 the HeGo Biotec GmbH specializes in trading with "agents for environmental protection" predominantly substances for wastewater and sludge treatment.

HeGo Biotec GmbH - office Berlin

HeGo Biotec GmbH is the local representative for the eastern part of Germany for one of the major producers of organic flocculants, Kemira Wasserchemie GmbH (former Cyanamid, Cytec Industries).
Main focuses are wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning prior to mechanical dewatering aggregates for example in municipal wastewater treatment plants.
HeGo Biotec GmbH is holder of a license for two water cleaning agents of which the polymer "GoPur® 3000" is specially effective for separating heavy metals from wastewater.

Besides the sale of substances HeGo Biotec GmbH offers a widespread counseling service for work process problems in wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning.

Office Süd-Ost Bad Schlema

In addition HeGo Biotec GmbH supplies the necessary solving and dosing equipment for the former mentioned substances, technology to optimize flocculation and precipitation processes and demulsification units. Close collaboration with high-performance system manufacturers ensures competent and dependable order transactions for our clients.

In Lauta near Hoyerswerda since 1998 various adsorbents and agents based on ferric hydroxide are being produced exclusively for HeGo Biotec GmbH. The products, mainly developed by HeGo Biotec GmbH, are used for elimination of hydrogen sulfide from gases as well as separation of phosphate, arsenate und heavy metals from water. Main focus is a powdery agent used for elimination of hydrogen sulfide in anaerobe processes.

With developing the GoSil® -Method HeGo Biotec GmbH was able to provide operators of sewer systems with an economic and effective procedure to solve odor and corrosion problems in their sewers.

HeGo Biotec GmbH has currently 21 employees. In 2004 HeGo Biotec GmbH opened its second office Süd-Ost in Schlema Erzgebirge. Our production partner P.U.S. Produktions- und Umweltservice GmbH in Lauta employs seasonal up to 65 workers.